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14 August 2012 @ 01:00 am
[The plague of frogs is over, and the dust has settled - for most people, at least. Vanyel, unfortunately, isn't most people.

[He can be seen now curled up in a chair, his usual ramrod straight posture abandoned in favor of a defensive hunch. if he's aware he's being recorded, he gives no sign of it. In front of him, just barely within frame, is a vaguely humanoid shape made up of blue-white light. He stares intently at it, and it gradually gains more and more definition.

The end result is a very tall man with waist-length silver hair and bronze skin, who might've been anywhere from forty to sixty. For a moment, the illusion holds, perfect and still. Then, abruptly, it loses a few inches and the face seems to grow younger, the hair turning wheat blond, growing shorter and gaining a curl. Vanyel grimaces, and with a wave of his hand, the illusion is dispelled.

[He starts on a new one, a wiry older woman with a long silver braid and Vanyel's same silver eyes, dressed in Heraldic Whites. But she's barely complete before she starts changing, gaining a farmer's tan and more masculine features, shooting up to match Vanyel in height, hair going short and curly and blond. He waves his hand again, and this time it's a faster, more violent gestures. Then he starts over once more.

A child, a brown-haired girl maybe nine years old - but he's barely even begun before her hair starts to curl and turn. So dispels the illusion entirely and drops his head into his hands.] Gods-damnit. [The word is only just audible, muffled as it is, and there's something in his tone - weariness, and something like grief, but hollow. Like he's already grieved all he can over this particular ghost from his past, and has nothing left to give it now.]
10 August 2012 @ 06:48 pm
[The video feed starts as always: The Devil's Nest is the back drop, though the usual bar scene seems to be missing. It's a room this time, dark and dank. Silt catches in the faint after glow of a light and hangs there. It's a mix of dirt, dust, and smoke that settles in the air and creates a bit of a haze on camera.]

...Collapse )
05 August 2012 @ 10:42 pm
[The slender, delicate woman is smoothing down her white lap-coat in the mirror, the video catching the movements and the soft little noise of displeasure as her fingers run over the curve of her waist and then to those pretty hips. Despite the attractiveness of her figure, apparently this outfit just won’t do. Naomi is a woman possessing not just common sense but good looks and if the clothes don’t suit, then they’re discarded, and something better is found in their place.

So slim fingers unbutton the coat and set it down on top of the dressing table. She steps out of the way of the camera then, but a white button-down shirt is tossed into view and then a grey skirt follows, obviously pulled off. When she comes back into view a moment later, she’s slipping on a dress, slinky and black, the neck-line perfect for showing off some of Naomi’s best physical assets. The hem is just about long enough to hide the lace of her hold-ups, although the long slit up the side completely ruins that illusion of modesty. She smoothes this out and seems much happier with the effect. Anyone with a pulse should be happy with the effect.

She sits then, on the edge of the table, those long shapely legs folded elegantly as the figure begins to ruffle her hair, letting it down from the clips and shaking it out.]

You caught me. I know this isn’t how you’re used to seeing me but after the last few weeks I think we all deserve to let our hair down, don’t we? A night on the town is exactly what this particular doctor ordered, and those of you who might want to join me are welcome. If the proprietor of the Devil’s Nest is going to be so kind as to play host, that’s where I’ll be first.

[And with that she smiles, lips perfectly painted, and grabs at her bag, turning off the video feed as she heads out the door.

Of course, anyone who has visited her at home is probably perfectly aware that isn't actually Naomi's home at all, and those mannerisms aren't... exactly right.]
05 August 2012 @ 11:48 pm
[There's a face on the screen, and it might take a moment to be recognizable. It's Arlen, but his expression is much darker than it would normally be. There are deep purple shadows under his eyes and his hair is an unruly mess, his face heavily unshaven. Bloodshot eyes are staring straight at the camera]

So. Hey. Yeah. In case nobody noticed, I've been gone for, I don't know, two fucking months. I checked the calender, and that's what I'm getting. But see, I don't remember shit about where I was or what happened. And I'm freaking out. I mean, look at this.

[he shifts his device to show his arm, where there is a myriad of needle scars, and then to his head, where there is a large scar on his temple. One that looks suspiciously like the kind a clumsy person would get falling down in an attempt to escape something or other]

All I remember is lights. Bright lights. And a voice. Some chick. It said... shit, I don't remember....

[he presses a hand to his forehead. Clearly shaken, for a moment his eyes slide out of focus]

Something about... fuck... watching my dosage, about how they didn't want me to die this time around. Called me "lab rat".

[getting up, Arlen starts pacing agitatedly around the room, leaving his communicator on the bed, and at an odd angle he keeps moving around on camera]

I feel wrong, like something happened, but I have no idea what. It's just... I don't... fuck.

[throwing his hands in the air, he turns to face the device again]

Anyway. Cloud. Pancake... Fenris, whatever. And uh... Loki, Heather, Rikku. All of you guys, check in with me. All this... it's so fucked up. I just wanna make sure you guys are okay. So please just...

[he runs a hand over his face, and then cuts the feed]
01 August 2012 @ 08:27 pm
I... so the frogs are gone... but there aren't going to be any more... plagues, are there?
30 July 2012 @ 03:34 pm
[OOC: Nea is impatient and can't wait to post this, but this is definitely posted after he gets the cure to the frog poison thing + once he is all better after that... because otherwise he wouldn't be doing this right now. 8D Also, what you are about to see, blue colors and blah blah looks like this]

[ ACTION for The Devil's Nest ]


[Ed's yell can be heard somewhere outside the place, namely as soon as he can see the bar and get those words out. Oh, he shouldn't be so surprised by it, he's seen the other homunculi do far worse damage... Well, that's kind of why he is so surprised by it, Greed wasn't one to destroy his possessions. The word makes him 'tsk'. And really, he's about to fix it as soon as he sees it, but maybe he should see more before doing anything else.

Anyone who's in the bar, sees Ed walking i-- to the door. He actually stops right there, takes a good look around the place looking as annoyed as ever. ...Does he even want to know? Well, questions can come later. Right now, he's got something else to do. A growl and a sigh.]

...Be right back.

[And he walks back out, picking the weird device from his pocket. He might as well post it to the whole city while he's at it.]

[ VIDEO for all ]

[Hey, the beginnig is a guessing game! Guess who's the person on the video? He's wearing his usual black clothes and the even more usual red jacket/cloak/whatever-you-want-to-call-it on them. If you guess that weird kid who yells and swears a lot, you're right! Yeah, sorry, he's not exactly on the screen at the beginning of the video, but this isn't an accidental post either.]

Well, I guess it's time to show something to you now when I'm on the mood to see people again and my so called powers returned last week. That damn Head Doc really is faster with returning them now, last time I had to wait for two months before I got them back. But! Now that it works again...

[He puts the device on something, so you get a good view on the 'Nest, which... Is in bad condition at the moment. Maybe it was hit by a hurricane, or anything else that can cause all that damage. Your view of the bar is soon interrupted with a guy with golden hair and golden eyes walking to the view. Maybe he shouldn't look all that excited when a building looks like that, but there's a very wide and seemingly very amused grin on his face - and if you're paying attention to his eyes, they look all fired up and ready to have some fun too.]

I don't know, I could leave it as it is and some of us could enjoy the fun of sitting on the floor if all nondamaged seats are taken.

[He looks more serious. Maybe he's just concentrating on what's he's about to do.] ...Or then, I could just do this.

[Ready? 1, 2, 3 - Ed claps his hands together and then to the ground. Sorry for the sudden blue screen, but it's part of the whole thing with all those thunder-like things going here and there -- and if you're paying attention to the bar, you can see that every bit of damage is going away in mere seconds.]

[Have fun if you're in the middle of it in the 'Nest, everything's just rebuilding everywhere around you.]

[Once it's all in one piece again, Fullmetal stands up - yeah, he kinda had to squat or something to do that, damn being taller has it's downsides too. Not that he's complaining. He grins to the screen again.]


Not magic, as some of you may call it. [a very annoyed tsk sound, because it's far from magic to him.] I guess it looks like magic, but it's not the same thing at all.

If anyone else needs something fixed, made or anything, let me know and we'll talk.

[Because he won't literally do anything, he's a good boy and some of you might be up for something evil. And he won't work for evil anymore.]

[He'll shut the video right there and put the device back into his pocket before turning around...

Try the walking to the bar thing again, this time his steps might look a bit lazy. Okay, so maybe he's a bit tired from last week still, but he'll suck it up and do whatever he's got to do.

Oh damn, he forgot to add as many skulls and other badass stuff as possible. Well, it's not like the 'Nest's not full of badass stuff anyway.]
27 July 2012 @ 06:53 pm
The Invasion Continues! Film at Eleven!Collapse )

[OOC: Just as before, this is an open post to everyone. Feel free to interact amongst yourselves or with Rona directly.]
Ahem. Hello, my lovely citizens. Such a wonderful day, isn’t it? [ A dry laugh. She seems to be either forgetting the frogs, or even meaning them. ] Hope those pesky little frogs haven’t caused you too much trouble, has it? If so, please listen to the wonderful Naomi Hunter and make your way to the hospital. It’s always appreciated when my newer citizens adjust so well into the city, don’t you think? Now, if you don’t want to willingly go there, do not fret. My androids will get you there.

As for why they’re here. Yes. A few of the… natives of the city decided to play around with my wonderful barrier. A mistake, don’t you think? And well, they damaged the barrier in such a small amount that those precious little frogs crawled in. And well, a little thing about the toxins outside? [ She sighs. As if they should already know about this. ] It makes creatures we normally would be used to, different. And most organisms can rapidly reproduce. Hence why we had so many frogs in such little time; a shame, really.

Anyways, I digress. The citizens in question are being dealt with severely. And I assure you, I will make sure they won’t ever do it again.
[ There is a slightly evil giggle as she shuts off the feed. ]

[ooc; to make it easier for me, here is a permissions page. If you want the conversations to last a while with her, this will definitely help me out!]
25 July 2012 @ 07:25 pm
[The following text has been sent out to absolutely everyone the morning of July twenty-fifth:]


The city's medical staff will now be administering an antidote to the poison that has spread throughout the city. Please proceed calmly to the hospital if you have come into any contact with the frogs or someone who has been bitten. Our supply is in absolutely no danger of running out, so we only ask that you remain patient until a member of the hospital staff is available to see you.

There are those within the city who will be unable to come to directly to us for treatment. If you know of someone who needs our assistance outside of the hospital walls, please contact us as soon as possible.

We will take care of it from there.

[OOC: feel free to reply in ACTION too if you'd like to hit up the hospital and interact with others as well.]
25 July 2012 @ 05:45 am
[Hello, Aliunde. If Rose has indeed not been bitten, it's probable the reason is she's been distracted with something inside the TARDIS, because she's not exactly the most cautious person in the world, is she?


No she isn't.]
Has anyone gathered up a ratio yet to see how many people in the city were bitten? Or still are being? I'd like to know if this is just another one of the head doctor's mishaps, or if she's got a broad demographic of some sort she's testing these effects on.
25 July 2012 @ 01:04 pm
[There's the soft noise of the frogs in the background, croaking softly away. It could almost be peaceful, but everyone, including Gothel, must be aware that something sinister is up with this weird little amphibians.]

They really are very odd looking, aren't they? I'm used to frogs not being the most attractive of creatures but these certainly are the foulest frogs I've ever seen. More like toads, aren't they?

[There's a creak, almost as if from a chair as someone shifts on it, and there's her voice again, softer, almost gently, coaxing the frogs to her. Then there's a noise of triumph, and the sound of a lid being closed on a jar.]

Strange looking but... I'm sure they could have a useful purpose too.
20 July 2012 @ 06:16 pm
[The 'Nest is silent, dark. Nothing seems to be moving, save for the sway of the usual fan. All the lights have shut down and the only noise that seems to be breaking on the feed is the quiet sound of peeps. Like the dim mug of a summer swamp, the sound is just a little out of reach.]

[The video feed is tipped towards the bar as if it were left on by accident. It looks quite eerie, considering the establishment is usually very hustle and bustle. A light breeze from the fan sends a few cobwebs sputtering, but it seems all quiet on the western front.]

[For the first few minutes, anyway.]

...Collapse )

* Violence, language
* Event: Status Effect ➥ Seeing Double, Anger
19 July 2012 @ 02:54 pm
[Gabriel is not happy. In fact, he looks more than a little pissed off, sat on a low wall and muttering to himself by the time the feed starts.]

Okay, okay, I know I should feel guilty but I don't. I don't feel guilty at all. The creepy thing bit me and I'm sorry, if you're going to bite me you can deal with the consequences.

[He visibly shudders, taking off one show and wiping it off on the grass. It's not a very pretty sight, the remains of the frog-like thing staining the leather.]

Does this happen every year? Huh? Weird frog breeding season? Because seriously, there were less frogs than this in Egypt, during the plague.

[He shudders again, and then frowns, looking around. The pavement is full of the freaky things, no clear path available, and well, they all seem to be looking at him, crocking rather menacingly. It sounds crazy, but you have to hear it to believe it. ]

Er... guys? Yeah. Don't step on the frogs.
It all began with a sliver of a crack.

The invisible barrier around Aliunde shimmered for the briefest of seconds, a blink-and-you-must-it kind of flash through the sky, the very moment that the planet's defensive bubble was damaged. Besides that quick flicker of light and the smallest sound of a pop that could be heard only while in the junkyard, the residents of the vast city would not know of the tear and just what danger it could potentially rain down upon them in the future.

But for today, the risk was fortunately minimal. Throughout the city, the only abnormality that the citizens would spy would be the sudden infestation of rather bizarre-looking amphibians, hopping up and down the streets lazily and ribbiting to their froggy heart's content. The creatures appear to be passive enough to any passerby, preferring to go about their own business and ignore all humans they happen to be sharing the sidewalk with.

Until they get too close, that is.

[OOC: OKAY! This is the signal event start for the cracked barrier/frogs event! Since it has been two days since the initial invasion, the frogs have multiplied to a level where they should be noticeable by all characters at this point. They have not yet overrun the entire city, by any means, but there would be at least a frog or two hopping around each street corner. The frogs do not actively go after characters (yet- they need to acquire that taste for flesh first), but if they are approached, you will be bit.

Feel free to use this starting thread as your springboard. You can go for regular old action threads in here for one-on-one frog attacking/rescue or even as a VOICE/VIDEO network communication that anyone can hop on into. Go wild! Start threads! Steal threads! All is allowed!

Please go here for all OOC information and questions to the moderators. Enjoy!]
17 July 2012 @ 07:14 pm
[The picture begins shaky and awkward as she sets the device down on her desk. As the image settles, Heather gives a small smile and a friendly wave at the camera. She looks upbeat and is clearly in a pleasant mood today]

Hey people. It's my birthday today and my dad said I should tell you all about it instead of just sitting on the couch eating snacks. He wants me to have a lotta fun today so I was just wondering if anyone wanted to hang out or something.

I"m eighteen now so we could do... adult stuff. I don't really know what counts as adult stuff but I'm sure some of you do. So just let me know if you wanna do something 'cause that'd be pretty awesome.

[She looks awkward for a moment, a "that's pretty much it" look on her face]

Well, see ya. Maybe.

[The feed ends]
18 July 2012 @ 12:55 am
[ Campbell hasn't been his usual hyper, manic self as of late. Anyone who knows him even a little will know that sitting still is not one of his strong points, so the fact he's been missing from not only his job, but the hospital radio and just generally around is worrying indeed.

It's easy to assume that everyone with mental health issues hear voices, but it's not true. Campbell's bipolar, not schizophrenic. He suffers insane bursts of energy and his thinking isn't always the most rational at those times or he sinks into deep depression. And okay, maybe just maybe a voice pops up to tell him to do something insane. But he's never had the voice of his dead best mate in his head. Fergus was the schizo, not him.

He's slumped against the wall of his room, knees drawn up to his chest, hands covering his ears. He can't stop the voice, no matter what he tries. In his frustration he throws his phone across the room. It hits the door and drops to the floor, turning itself on. ]

Shut up. Shut up. Go 'way, leave me alone.
[ The device seems to be turned on in her pocket, the sounds and everything are muffled. She's breathing heavily, and there is heavy pounding on a door. ]

Desmond! You better answer this stupid door! You're done moping around, you hear me?!

[ A few more pounding on the door, and she pulls something out of her pocket, causing a static noise to go through the device. She quickly picks the lock, and slams the door open.

She could barely hold back a sob as she ran into the seemingly new room. It was like no one lived there. Open to a new resident.

No... no no no no!

[ She starts slamming things open, tearing off bed sheets and pillows, looking for evidence that this was all a joke. A cruel joke. She ran to the kitchen, yanking open all the cabinets, the refrigerator doors almost completely off the hinges.

Yet, there was nothing. He was gone. The Head Doctor won again. Rikku was stuck in the city, and her friends were gone.

Holding back sobs, trying to stop herself from sniffling, she slowly made her way to the door. She just had to make it back to her house. Then, she was alone.

She almost didn't see it, by the corner of the bed, on the floor, was a shiny thing that caught her eye. Slowly, she walked toward the bed and bent down, picking it up.

It was two little earrings. Once she saw them, she just collapsed to the floor, leaning against the bed, and started crying.
14 July 2012 @ 07:04 pm
So. Rude staff and questionable service aside- where the hell am I? Because this sure doesn't look like anywhere in Somarium that I've seen--

and I don't recall ever hearing about Aliunde...

[He briefly looks off to the side, taking in more of his surroundings.]

Unless they decided to go all futuristic while I was asleep. Or this is a dream.
14 July 2012 @ 12:14 am
[ So... this little fluffpup has been following Donna all over the city despite her shooing the poor thing away a good dozen times. She's been trying to stay stern and keep a distance from it, but oh god, look how cute it is!!

She eventually gives in and picks the ball fluff up and turns on the communicator with a sigh. ]

Has anyone lost a puppy? [ Because if no one claims it she might have to keep it... ]
12 July 2012 @ 05:14 am
An introduction and a goodbyeCollapse )

[OOC: Yes, that's right, Aliunde. Welcome your newest NPC to the bunch, Rona Verity. She'll be happy to talk to each and every single one of you in the replies. Like usual, this is an open network post so reply all around if you feel up for it.]