Aliunde Moderators (aliunde_mods) wrote in aliunde_rpg,
Aliunde Moderators

♫Oh the weather outside is frightful~♫

[ As if upon demand, around ten thirty p.m. tonight, mysterious white flakes started falling from the sky. It started out as barely noticeable; could even be misplaced as snow. But as the minutes go on, it starts falling harder from the sky. By eleven the white powder started a white layer on the ground, and it only seems to be falling harder by the hour. It seems it isn’t going to stop soon, and soon the city started lighting up as well. If you walk to the southern end of the city, near the junkyard, was a huge pine tree, taller than about half the buildings here, all decorated in lights. Upon close inspection, you will start to recognize little ornaments that resemble some aspects from your home. A unique creature known only in your world, a car, anything that you could think of, there is a miniature ornament hanging from the tree. As if by magic, the entire city has gone to the festive mood, there are even carolers walking down the apartment floors, wishing everyone happy holidays. ]

[ooc; just as a reminder the winter event will start next Wednesday December 28th. Happy Holidays and enjoy the festivities! (: ]
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