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[#02 | Video | OTA]

[When the feed begins, Squall is seen on the screen, his usual expression of "whatever"-ness plastered on his face. But, he seems a little twitchy - might be the fact that he's been staying in his room for weeks on end - and he looks from side to side before sighing and nodding to the screen.]

Uh.. Yeah. Hello. Squall here.

[A small pause]

I've been here for a few weeks now. And.. (Do I really have to do this? Jeez..) I need something to occupy my time with. So.. does anyone know of any jobs I could do?

I'm a soldier by trade but I'm sure I could stretch to other things..within reason, of course.

(...Heck, good job I'm desperate.)

Any suggestions would be.. helpful.
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